Monday, December 12, 2011

We need YOUR help in finding appropriate content

SUPORT is a FREE learning resource helping small businesses to understand and access University expertise, and helping University research staff to access and understand small businesses.

The SUPORT Project is moving into the creation of it's e-Learning deliverable. In an open spirit we are inviting you to participate in sharing with us the best content you have come across on the Web.

In the next weeks we want to test this "crowd-sourcing" approach to gathering content.

We are looking for links to open content available via the Web (text, videos, pod-casts, infographics, etc.) that answer the following questions for small and medium businesses (SMEs) and higher education institutions (HEI)  regarding the key topics we've identified: 
  1. WHAT is it?
  2. WHY is it important?
  3. HOW to achieve it?
  4. Other RESOURCES...
You can share as much as you like (surely you know at least ONE good link) by:
1. Preferably, using Pearltrees (you can join as a TEAM member) at: - see below
2. or your comments here on this post
3. or e-mail your contribution to

Thank you ... we look forward to your links!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massively Collaborative Content Identification (MCCI) in SUPORT - SME University Partnership Online Resource & Training

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